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Farewell (+some goodies)

Yes, the time that eventually comes to every scanlator group has finally come to Endless Abyss as well -- it's the time to bid farewell to our fans, at least those that are still left. As old staff retired, new staff were never able to take on a meaningful leadership role, so it's only charitable to put the rudderless group to rest. As the last person standing, I get to turn off the lights.

But it's not all doom and gloom. Endless Abyss has been active for nearly FIVE years. Trust me, in scanlation, it's a very very long time. In that time we released approximately 1200 chapters of about 60 series or oneshots. The past five years consisted mostly of good times, and even now, it's not sadness that I feel, but a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I look through our old releases.

This post should be much longer, but since I managed to catch a cold, I can't quite muster the right amount of pathos. So, let's go to the really important question: What is going to happen to the current E-A projects?

Let's start with the good news: Last Inning and Kimi no Knife will be picked up by iMangaScans, and you shouldn't notice any interruption. Capeta has been a joint, and from now on it will be fully owned by our joint partner, Deadbeat Scans. As our final hurrah, we're also releasing a chapter from each of these three series (you can find the usual links at the bottom of this post).

Our other projects that we still considered to be active are up for grabs. They are: One Outs, Tough, Zipang, War Front on Spike Hill, 17-sai. If you wish to pick them up, I will provide to you any artifacts we may have left over (e.g. translations, cleans and/or raws) and maybe even hook you up with additional staff who might be interested in working on it. Of course, the more time passes, the less likely it is that anything will be available (i.e. links will die and people will disappear). If you're interested in any of these, contact me, cmertb, through our forum PM, through MangaHelpers PM, or on our IRC channel.

Oh, and here are the goodies I promised:

Kimi no Knife ch 60 Direct Download Online Reader IRC Trigger: !knife60
Last Inning ch 137 Direct Download Online Reader IRC Trigger: !lastinning137
Capeta ch 16.2 Direct Download Online Reader IRC Trigger: !CAPV16_2

Kimi no Knife 59

And here's Kimi no Knife, even if a bit late. Chapter 60 + v8 omake will be out very soon, and volume 9 has already been ordered. Also, I'd like to thank crazy_horse1989 and Kajii who stepped in to make this release happen.

Direct Download

Online Reader

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Last Inning 136

We're back with some more Last Inning. This chapter ends volume 14. Work on volume 15 is in full swing.

Oh, this group will also undergo some drastic changes in the near future. Watch out for the announcement.

Direct Download

Online Reader

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Last Inning 135

More Last Inning. Get 'em while they last.

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Online Reader

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Capeta v16 ch01

Despite every possible challenge, the work on Capeta is progressing. Today you get one of the post-anime chapters.

It's a joint with Deadbeat, makes sure to pay them a visit!

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Online Reader

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